About Me

Meet Nyla B.


     The Nyla B. Foundation was started by Nyla Beasley, an 11-year-old girl from Bushkill, PA. The company was formulated based on Nyla’s own experience as a premature baby, living for seven months in the neonatal intensive care unit after birth. Although her doctors remained hopeful of her survival, they began to consider options of special hospitals like the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Just when circumstances seemed discouraging, she was able to go home. Although her story is unique to her family, there were countless other babies there; some of whom did not make it. Families bore the burden to stay optimistic while the kids made and are still making their journeys through this life.  They need inspiration, confidence and hope; all of which the NBF seeks to provide. 

     Nyla B. is living proof that anything is possible.  This is why she has dedicated her free time, outside of her school work, to collect art and school supplies for kids fighting critical or terminal illnesses in hospitals.   Her services are given all year round and she invites help from others.